Proven solutions for the maintenance management of engineering structures

infKuba is a state-of-the-art, multi-client capable web application featuring a central data storage (source of teaser photos: property of WEMO-tec).

infKuba applies proven solutions for the maintenance management of engineering structures. This was adopted from KUBA 4 and KUBA 5 and systematically configured to the requirements of the cantons and cities. With infKuba the inventory or the Bausubstanz of a building can be recorded simply on a structure or a structural component level. Wherever expressly desired, additional levels of such as (Beispiel nennen) and individual fields may also be incorporated. infKuba allows you to record inspections and observations efficiently using mobile equipment.

With infKuba you can manage revised planning, approval and acceptance processes easily. infKuba is a very adaptive software tool. It is easy to use, efficient and guarantees low operating costs. infKuba features open interfaces which can swap the necessary data with the established maintenance management systems, such as MISTRA, Logo and others. Needless to say, it is possible to adopt the cantonal KUBA 4 and KUBA 5 data without any risk of data loss.


Proven solutions for the maintenance management of engineering structures


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The strengths of infKuba


Comprehensive and needs-based support of maintenance management


  • Managing inventory
Flexible recording and management of the inventory (levels for structure, structural component, surface protection and additional levels possible), individual fields, accessible catalogue links
  • Recording inspections
Recording of inspection results such as condition, findings and recommended measures
  • Bespoke reports and evaluations
Generation of high quality inspection reports, network status reports etc.
  • Management of measures
Efficient management of planning, approval and acceptance processes for measures
  • Management of involved parties & documents
Managing involved parties and documents
  • State-of-the-art web application, scalable app server
No installation, no plug-ins, high performance, efficient working
  • Open interfaces
Simple integration in existing IT environments
  • Central data storage
Cost-efficient operation
  • GIS-Server
Open GIS
  • Modular set-up, configurable and upgradeable
Needs-based functionalities, flexible licence model with low costs, suitable for both smaller and larger organisations
  • Protection of existing investments
Migration of KUBA data without any losses
  • Guarantee of continuity to KUBA 4 and 5
Identical reports and evaluations available, identical operation methods, compatibility to MISTRA
  • Multi-client capability, flexible access rights
Granting of assignments to external offices, efficient working
  • Interfaces to mobile recording equipment
Efficient on-site data acquisition


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Components and modules of infKuba


  • Multi-level hierarchy
  • Individual fields
  • WMS maps
  • Segmentation
  • Advanced maintenance measures
  • Augmented evaluations
  • Data exchange
  • Object approval for external parties
  • Extension of walls


  • Mobile inspection recording via iPad: refer Inspecto
  • Simple monitoring of objects via Smartphones (iPhone, winPhone, Android): refer to Observo
  • Financial estimates, status projections and project generation: refer to infFaros
  • Assessment of navigability over bridges for special transports: refer to infST

Core competencies

  • Requirements analysis, technical concepts
  • Project management
  • Software ergonomics
  • Programming
  • Quality assurance

Scope of application

  • Web-based applications
  • Mobile solutions
  • Locating (geographical information systems GIS, drawings)
  • Evaluations and reports
  • Integration
  • Migration

Operational areas

  • Road maintenance
  • Railways
  • Energy (systems, infrastructure)
  • Telecommunications
  • Water, drainage
  • Industry (systems, infrastructure)
  • All types of building structures



infKuba allows you to manage your engineering structures easily, efficiently and in accordance with your respective requirements. 
infKuba is a state-of-the-art, multi-client capable web application featuring central data storage.


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