Assignment of tasks

During the inspection of infrastructures such as buildings, roads, paths and bridges, as well as other facilities, certain occurrences may become apparent which must be documented. For example, it may be determined that a park bench is in need of repair; or that a tree requires felling due to it posing a hazard to the path, or that deficiencies resulting from a state of decline must be recorded etc. In the event that observation data of occurrences must be recorded for the necessitation of further coordination, Observo is an interesting solution.

With a central collection and uniform preparation and visualization of localized messages, work processes can be optimized and reaction times can be shortened. Systematic recording and analysis allow targeted measures to be taken and costs saved.

The localization on maps, configurable entry forms and uniform reports as well as the possibility to exchange objects and results via an interface with a central system allow flexible integration into existing work processes.


Localisation, documentation and coordination

The app can be downloaded onto every smartphone or tablet (iOS, Android, Windows Phone).

Presentation is adapted automatically to the respective device (Responsive Design).

A client can be configured for each sphere of activity. Several spheres of activity may thus be covered by any given user.

As well as the possibility of simple recording of a straightforward or object-related observation (localisation via GPS, photos, text, voice message), personal map material can be integrated for each client (WMS services), individual objects can be imported and a personal, flexible recording formula such as a report (with map, photos, entries) may be configured.


Download Observo from Google Play

Download Observo from App Store

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An observation can be forwarded to several preconfigured users.

Where required, it is also possible to transfer an observation to an existing application (central GIS system, product for maintenance etc.).

The application areas of Observo and the possibilities for integration into existing business processes are extremely diverse.

Test Observo free of charge

Observo can be downloaded and tested in the App-Store (Apple, Google, Windows). A simple, basic formula demonstrates the possibilities.

Configuration of a solution tailored to your requirements and the productive operation of Observo is not expensive.


Download Factsheet Observo

If you want to view Observo in a minute, then click on the picture.

Core competences

  • Requirements analysis
  • Project management
  • Software architecture
  • Software ergonomics
  • Programming
  • Quality assurance

Areas of expertise

  • Web-based applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Locating (geographical information systems GIS, drawings, 3D models, photos, GPS))
  • Evaluations and reports
  • Integration
  • Migration

Application areas

  • Maintenance of roads, paths, waterways
  • Maintenance of infrastructure (structures, buildings, facilities etc.)
  • Railways, public transport services, transport companies
  • Forestry
  • Nature, nature conservation, natural hazards, natural phenomena
  • Energy, telecommunications
  • Water, drainage
  • Real estate
  • etc.


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